Erasmus + Application on the theme of Radicalisation and Deradicalisation Strategies

A planning meeting for an Erasmus + funding application on the theme of ‘Radicalisation of Young People in Europe: Strategies of Deradicalisation’, was attended by Dr Hefin Gwilym, on behalf of the School of Social Sciences, at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University, Nuremberg, on 15th November. Preventing the radicalization of young people and enhancing their active citizenship are important European wide topics at the moment.Dr Hefin GwilymDr Hefin Gwilym

If the Erasmus + application is successful, the project will explore, evaluate and disseminate knowledge about the process of radicalization and good practices for deradicalisation, and will develop new interventions for deradicalisation for young people at highest risk.  

A web resource will be created and an Erasmus Intensive Programme will be designed for a small group of students from each participating university, possibly taking the form of a summer school and lasting for twelve days.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from universities in Austria, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. The application will be submitted by March 2017 with a decision expected in June 2017. 

Publication date: 12 December 2016