Handwriting in Children with Dyslexia and DCD: A Workshop for Practitioners

The School of Psychology’s Bangor Literacy Lab, led by Dr. Markéta Caravolas, recently held a workshop funded by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Impact Acceleration Account. The workshop, entitled Handwriting in Children with Dyslexia and DCD: A Workshop for Practitioners, brought together researchers, teachers, occupational therapists as well as parents to discuss handwriting difficulties amongst children with dyslexia and/or developmental coordination disorder. The event was well attended by 30 professionals, as well as several students of Education, who heard about the latest research being conducted in Bangor, as well as talks from a specialist teacher and children’s occupational therapist. 

The attendees were also invited to contribute to group discussions about unresolved issues in the diagnosis and remediation of children’s handwriting problems. The day was a success, with very positive appraisals by participants.  Attendees commented that the Workshop presented “a chance to learn about up to date research and share information with colleagues from other professions”. Many thanks to the ESRC, Miles Dyslexia Centre, and Betsi Cadwaldr University Health Board. More information on the workshop and Bangor Literacy Lab’s activities can be found here: http://www.xavier-educational-software.co.uk/UWB/MC/index.htm.

Publication date: 30 May 2017