Pontio call for scientists and artists

Pontio call for scientists and artists

What can happen in that space between molecules and marimbas, test tubes and trills? This is a new pilot project for new partnerships with new ideas.


Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre is a Bangor University development located at the heart of the city. It is home to a mid-scale theatre, studio theatre, cinema, innovation laboratories, collaborative spaces and lecture rooms, Students' Union, bar and restaurants. One of Pontio's aims is to bring the arts and sciences together in new and innovative ways.

This year Pontio is launching a pilot project called SYNTHESIS to commission two different pairs of scientists and artists to develop an idea together as a bridge between both worlds.

 More information on how to apply is available here

Joint applications are invited from scientists and artists (working in the performing arts) for a prize of £2000 per application. 

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Publication date: 14 December 2015