Industrial Collaborators at the School of Electronic Engineering

At the School of Electronic Engineering we welcome business collaboration and have a long history of successful partnerships with business and industry, through consultation, knowledge transfer partnerships, student projects and industrial research and development contracts. 

Being ranked 2nd in the UK for research in Electronic Engineering means that we not only house state of the art facilities but also employ academics who really are experts in their fields. 

Specialised research

Our research is very specialised in the following areas: Optoelectronic devices and systems and Organic electronics

Our facilities are available for industry to use and our academics welcome opportunities to collaborate with businesses on a variety of different projects.

Choose one of the links below for information on the different levels of collaboration available to businesses:

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Studies 

  • MIT Visit Report [pdf]
  • SmartKem [pdf]

Please contact us directly with any specific questions you may have: or 01248 382686