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Dr. Jeff Kettle
01248 382471
Dean Street

Dr. Kettle’s has been based in the School of Electronics since 2011. During this time, he has acquired over £1m of grant funding through Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Interreg, A4B, Ser Cymru and EC projects. He is co-I with the CLARET (Centre for Lifetime and Reliability Testing) which has worked with over 40 companies identifying failures in products and developing lifetime test protocols ( His expertise lies in semiconductor device fabrication, characterization and modelling. He completed a PhD in nano photonics and electronics in 2008, which was a joint collaboration between Swansea and Cardiff Universities. He has experience working in industry with two spin-out companies and a large multinational (Alcatel SEL). From 2010, Dr. Kettle was also employed with the Knowledge Centre for Material Chemistry (KCMC) £20m project in the north-west of England aimed at developing links between academia and industry. His current research projects are in sensor development, nanofabrication, solar energy, coating technologies and light emitting diodes and has published over 30 times in international journals.

Key projects

Selected publications

  • Outdoor performance of organic photovoltaics: Diurnal analysis, dependence on temperature, irradiance, and degradation N. Bristow, J. Kettle, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, (2015), DOI:

  • H. Waters, Noel Bristow, Jeff Kettle, et al. "Effect of processing additive 1, 8-octanedithiol on the lifetime of PCPDTBT based Organic Photovoltaics." Organic Electronics (2014)

  • Chang, Shu‐Wei, Huw Waters, Jeff Kettle, Zi‐Rui Kuo, Chun‐Han Li, Chin‐Yang Yu, and Masaki Horie. "Pd‐Catalysed Direct Arylation Polymerisation for Synthesis of Low‐Bandgap Conjugated Polymers and Photovoltaic Performance." Macromolecular rapid communications (2012).

  • J.Kettle, M.Horie, J.Nelson, M.L. Turner et al, "Optimisation of PCPDTBT solar cells using polymer synthesis with Suzuki coupling" Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. 2011>

  • J. Kettle, R.T.Hoyle, et al, "Overcoming the material limitations for replication of complex 3D structures using Step and Flash Imprint Lithography," J. Vac. Sci B (2008)>

  • J. Kettle, R. M. Perks, D. V. Morgan and A. Porch "Transparent current spreading layers: experimental and theoretical analysis of AlGaInP LED current spreading," J. Appl. Phys, (2006)