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Martin Taylor
Professor Martin Taylor
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Professor Martin Taylor holds a Personal Chair in the University of Wales and heads Organic Electronics Research at Bangor. He was gained both his BSc in Electronic Engineering and PhD from the University of Wales. His PhD was awarded for a thesis entitled "Electrical Characteristics of Polymeric Materials". Professor Taylor is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (IOP) and has served on the Committee of the IOP Static Electrification Group for many years. He is also a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Chartered Engineer.

He has published many papers on the electrical properties of thin films, including insulating polymers, silicon dioxide, Langmuir-Blodgett films and semiconducting organic materials. This last interest led to his current research programmes - interfaces in organic MIS devices,   organic thin film transistors and circuits, the development of a vacuum-evaporation route to the fabrication of plastic electronic circuits and organic resistive RAMs.  

He is a member of EPSRC’s Peer Review College, an External Advisory Board Member for Imperial College’s Doctoral Training Centre and the Centre for Plastic Electronics and for Cambridge University’s Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre for Large Area Electronics and an EU FP7 project reviewer.   

Ever since his PhD studies, Professor Taylor has been interested in the problems caused by static electricity in industry. This has led to consultancies with some of the world’s leading companies and culminated in the publication of a book entitled ‘Industrial Electrostatics – Fundamentals and Measurements



1. 'Industrial Electrostatics – Fundamentals and Measurements' D M Taylor and P E Secker, Research Studies Press Ltd and John Wiley and Sons Inc. (Print Run of 500 sold out)

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(Selected for inclusion in the 21 Dec 2009 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, published by the Am Inst Phys and Am Phys Soc in cooperation with numerous other societies and publishers. It is an edited compilation of links to articles covering a focused area of frontier research).


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Current and Recent Research Projects

  1. Thin film transistors from novel semiconducting materials

    Supported by sKTP and KTP funding, we are working with SmartKem Ltd, a North Wales based SME, testing a range of novel, solution-processable organic materials for applications in organic electronic circuits. In January 2014, the TSB announced that the KTP project which ended in November 2013 was awarded the highest grade of ‘Outstanding’.

  2. Design and testing of organic electronic circuits

    A Flagship Grant from the Innovative electronic-Manufacturing Research Centre (IeMRC), Loughborough, is funding the continuation of a collaboration with Oxford, Manchester and Leeds Universities initially funded with a TSB grant. The project is concerned with developing a vacuum-evaporation approach to the manufacture of organic electronic circuits. Process development is well-advanced with transistors and functional circuits such as inverters, ring oscillators, NAND/NOR logic gates all being produced reproducibly and with high yield. The work is supported by a number of industrial companies and SMEs. The project has made such excellent progress that a proposal submitted into a competitive round in late 2013 for extension funding was successful.

  3. Photo-induced capacitance changes in organic MIS devices

    When MIS capacitors are biased into depletion and exposed to photons whose energy exceeds the semiconductor bandgap, significant changes in threshold voltage are observed as a result of charge trapping in the insulator or in interface states. This effect leads to large changes in sub-threshold currents in organic TFTs and form the basis of optical sensors. The work is supported by EPSRC and Merck. The effect has been extended to demonstrate an organic version of the charge injection device, a forerunner of the CCD.

  4. Organic memory devices

    We have already demonstrated the possibility of developing organic flash memory. This was achieved by incorporating an electrically-isolated, buried metal electrode in the gate insulator of an MIS capacitor.  The resulting hysteresis in the C-V characteristics indicate that an electrically programmable organic TFT is a feasible proposition.

    In a second project in collaboration with the Physics Department at Potsdam University (Prof Raymund Gerhard, Dr Peter Frübing and Rene Kalbitz) we have fabricating and tested Organic Ferro-FETs where the ‘memory’ is produced by a reversible polarisation of the ferroelectric material used as the gate insulator.

    We have also collaborated with Algarve University (Professor Henrique Gomes) and Dr Dago de Leeuw, Max-Planck Institute, Mainz (formerly Philips Research Laboratories) on the interpretation of switching effects in organic resistive RAMs.

  5. Small-signal measurements on organic MIS capacitors

    AC measurements made over a wide frequency range has led to the development of an equivalent circuit description of these devices which can be used to extract information about the quality of the semiconductor and insulator layers as well as the interface between the two layers. In particular we have used the technique to extract the density of states for interface hole traps.