Research in this group


Research in Optoelectonic Devices and Systems

The research thrust in optoelectronics is directed at advancing the design and applications of optoelectronic devices, in particular, laser diodes and optical waveguides.

A strong driver for developing interfaces

The opportunity for synergetic developments targetted at novel applications is a strong driver for developing interfaces between optoelectronics, organic electronics and laboratory-on-a-chip technology. Future activities will emphasize exciting opportunities for deploying this technology in bio-photonics, organic optoelectronics, opto-nano-mechanics and nano-scale opto-fluidics.

Advanced optical communications technologies

Effort will also be devoted to advanced optical communications technologies with particular emphasis on identifying cost-effective methods for upgrading the capabilities of legacy optical-fibre networks and in the practical deployment of optical communications using chaotic carriers. Such applications will exploit expertise in inorganic and organic optoelectronic devices including both interband and intersubband semiconductor lasers. Much of this work will be undertaken within international collaborations involving research groups in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim.