Student Profiles

Shammi RahmanShammi Rahman

Shammi Rahman – Electronic Engineering

Shammi Rahman from Bangladesh is studying Electronic Engineering.

Our lecturers are really good at what they do. They are very helpful and would generally go to the trouble of explaining the topics to you after a lecture if you did not quite get it.

Megan Wyn OwenMegan Wyn Owen

Megan Wyn Owen – Electronic Engineering

Megan Wyn Owen from Anglesey is studying Electronic Engineering.

The course is composed of modules that are taught through lectures, seminars and practicals. The balance between the lectures and lab sessions has ensured that I understand the work, as I get to apply what I’ve learned in lectures in lab practicals.

Kathryn HowardKathryn Howard

Kathryn Howard – Electronic Engineering

Kathryn Howard is a 24-year-old Electronic Engineering graduate from Cornwall. During her time at Bangor, Kathryn took part in Bangor Employability Award

Through the Bangor Employability Award I have become much better at time management and handling stress and pressures. It put me in different types of situations, which allowed me to become more flexible with how I handle new challenges and different types of people.

John MahonJohn Mahon

John Mahon – Electronic Engineering

John Mahon is from Dartford in Kent and is studying Electronic Engineering.

The Electronic Engineering course at Bangor offered a scholarship to the person with the highest mark in the exam. The scholarship gave me confidence that I would be capable of continuing with the course, as it got more difficult.