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To view a staff profile and to obtain their contact details, simply click on any staff name. To telephone any of our staff directly please telephone (+44) 01248 plus the details provided below.

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Head of School

Name Email Telephone Position Location
Dr Andy Webb Email: Dr Andy Webb 388624 Senior Lecturer and Head of School Room 308, New Arts

Academic Staff

Name Email Telephone Position Location
Dr Lisa Blower Dr Lisa Blower Email: Dr Lisa Blower   Lecturer in Creative Writing Room 316, New Arts
Alys Conran Ms Alys Conran Email: Alys Conran 383788 Lecturer, Recruitment/Admissions Room 307, New Arts
Dr Michael Durrant Dr Michael Durrant Email: Dr Michael Durrant 382563 Lecturer Room 312, New Arts
Prof Andrew Hiscock Professor Andrew Hiscock Email: Prof Andrew Hiscock 382102 Professor of English Literature (On Long-term research leave)
Room 312, New Arts
Dr Karin Koehler Dr Karin Koehler Email: Dr Karin Koehler 382113 Lecturer in English Literature Room 303, New Arts
Dr Maureen McCue Dr Maureen McCue Email: Maureen McCue 382122 Lecturer, International Officer and Joint Honours Tutor, Examinations Officer Room 302, New Arts
Dr Sue Niebrzydowski Dr Sue Niebrzydowski Email: Dr Sue Niebrzydowski 382111 Reader; Senior Tutor- Disability contact (On Sabbatical Semester One) Room 313, New Arts
Dr Kachi Ozumba Dr Kachi Ozumba Email: Dr Kachi Ozumba 383044 Recruitment/Admissions/Welcome Week Co-ordinator Room 317, New Arts
Prof Steven Price Professor Steven Price Email: Prof Steven Price 382107 Deputy Head of School, Director of Teaching and Learning Room 310, New Arts
Prof Raluca Radulecu Professor Raluca Radulescu Email: Prof Raluca Radulescu 382110 Professor and Director of Research Room 314, New Arts
Prof Carol Rumens Professor Carol Rumens Email: Prof Carol Rumens Professor Room 315, New Arts
Dr Zoe Skoulding Dr Zoe Skoulding Email: Dr Zoe Skoulding 382106 Deputy Head of School, Senior Lecturer and Director of Creative Writing Room 311, New Arts
Prof Helen Wilcox Professor Helen Wilcox Email: Prof Helen Wilcox 382109 Professor, Senior Tutor (Semester 1), Library Representative Room 306, New Arts

Administrative Staff

Name Email Telephone Position Location
Michelle Harrison Michelle Harrison Email: Michelle Harrison 382102 School Administrator Room 414, New Arts

Part-time Staff

Name Email Telephone Position Location
Dr DeAnn Bell Email: Fiona Cameron - Part-time Tutor

Room 304, New Arts

Fiona Cameron Ms Fiona Cameron Email: Fiona Cameron - Part-time Tutor Room 305, New Arts
Ms Amber Hancock Email: Fiona Cameron - Part-time Tutor Room 301, New Arts
Dr Kathy Hopewell Dr Kathy Hopewell Email: Dr Kathy Hopewell - Part-time Tutor Room 315, New Arts
Daniel Hughes Mr Daniel Hughes Email: Daniel Hughes - Part-time Tutor Room 301, New Arts

Emeritus Professor

Name Email Position
Prof Tony Brown Professor Tony Brown Email: Prof Tony Brown Emeritus Professor
Prof Tom Corns Professor Tom Corns Email: Prof Tom Corns Emeritus Professor
Prof PJC Field Professor P.J.C. Field Email: Prof PJC Field Emeritus Professor
Prof Ian Gregson Professor Ian Gregson Email: Prof Ian Gregson Emeritus Professor

Honorary Professors

Name Email Position
  Philip Pullman   Honorary Professor
  Prof Benita Parry   Honorary Professor

Current Research Students