English Literature Modules: 2018–19

The table below shows all the courses offered by the school (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2018–19. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2016–17; 2017–18

Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
W890BA Creative&Professional WritingBA/CPW
M3Q9BA English Literature and Criminology and Criminal JusticeBA/ENC
2P78BA English Lit with Creative Writing with International ExpBA/ECI
Q310BA Eng Lit with Eng LangBA/ELEL
QQC3BA English Lang and LitBA/ELLIT
2P17BA English Literature and Creative WritingBA/ENCW
32N6BA English Literature and MusicBA/ELM
32M8BA English Literature with Theatre and PerformanceBA/ELTP
2D13BA English Literature with Creative WritingBA/ENGLC
Q2W9MArts English Literature with Creative WritingMARTS/ELCW
065CBA English Literature with JournalismBA/ELJ
8H25BA English LiteratureBA/ENGL
Q320MArts English LiteratureMARTS/ELIT
T124BA English Literature & ChineseBA/LITCH
09V3BA English Literature and ItalianBA/ELI
8H26BA English Literature (with International Experience)BA/ENIE
3YT5BA English Literature and SpanishBA/ELIS
3P3QBA Film Studies and English LiteratureBA/FSEL
06CDBA French and English LiteratureBA/FEL
3N7SBA German and English LiteratureBA/GEL
3QV1BA History and English LiteratureBA/ELH
M115LLB Law with English Literature (International Experience)LLB/ILEL
1Q3QBA Linguistics and English LiteratureBA/ELL
3HPQBA Media Studies and English LiteratureBA/MEN
3VQVBA Philosophy and Religion and English LiteratureBA/PREN
3L3QBA Sociology and English LiteratureBA/SEL