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Recycling at the Wrexham Campus

Mixed Recycling (Orange Bins)

Mixed Recycling (Orange Bins) WrexhamThe Wrexham site has a comingled recycling system in operation, which means that our recycling is mixed together in orange bins across campus and is separated at a later stage in a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Our recycling is collected by Ash Waste Services, who take the recycling to be sorted in their own MRF in Wrexham.

The orange bins are only for our dry mixed recycling, which means that food cannot go in the orange bin or it will contaminate the load. The following materials are accepted in the mixed recycling (orange bins): paper, cardboard, cans/tins, foil, plastic bottles, plastic tubs/trays/pots, coffee cup lids and plastic cutlery. No other items are acceptable in the mixed recycling, and if added, will contaminate the recycling load.

Please note that this is slightly different list from what is collected in the central University sites, as this is a separate contract with a different contractor.  

Please rinse your recycling where possible. If ‘on-the-go’, please ensure all liquids and food is emptied from containers before they are recycled.


Food Recycling (Brown Caddies)

Wrexham campus’ food recycling is collected by a Scottish company called Keenan Recycling Ltd. and taken to an Anaerobic Digestion facility. We send our food waste to an Anaerobic Digestion Facility rather than an in-vessel composting plant as it is recognised by government as one of the best methods for food waste recycling, producing electricity and heat as well as biofertiliser, making it a closed-loop system. This biofertiliser is then used on farmland.

What does closed loop mean?

Closed loop recycling simply means that the recyclable waste material is made into an item of similar or better quality once it has been recycled.

The following materials are accepted in the food recycling: any type of food waste including raw food, cooked food, food past its use-by-date, leftovers, bones, meat, veg, fruit, eggshells, tea bags and coffee grounds. Paper towels and napkins are also accepted.

All food waste caddies need to be lined with compostable starch bags supplied by the University.

Please take all food waste out of its packaging before putting it in, and do not put any plastic wrappers or plastic bags in the food waste as this will damage the machinery in the facility and contaminate the fertiliser with micro plastics. Please don’t put liquids in the food waste caddy either, as this will leak and cause a mess.

We also ask that you please do not put any ‘compostable/biodegradable’ labelled coffee cups, straws, cutlery or boxes in with the food waste, as they are not compostable/biodegradable in an Anaerobic Digestion facility. If they are included, they could damage the machinery, whilst they also slow the whole process down and don’t create any electricity/heat. Please do not include wooden cutlery or paper straws with the food waste either.