Purchasing Procedures

Bangor University buys a wide range of works, services, goods and utilities, with expenditure ranging from large construction and refurbishment projects to very small requirements such as office stationery.

Procurement Procedures

All procurement activity must be carried out in accordance with the University’s Financial Regulations and these procurement and purchasing procedures. The University’s Financial Regulations set out the minimum procedural requirements for purchasing utilities, works, goods and services and must be strictly adhered to. Failure to adhere to the Financial Regulations and these Procurement Procedures may lead to disciplinary action.

Bangor University Procurement Manual

These procedures are supported by the Bangor University Procurement Manual which describes the procurement process in greater detail and advises on best practice.

Use of Framework Agreements

This guidance document has been prepared to assist buyers within the University to use framework agreements in a legally compliant manner. It is aimed at all buyers who use framework agreements and also seeks to assist those members of staff working on projects financed by European Structural Funds.

Single Tender Action Justification Form

Any member of staff wishing to obtain a waiver from the Financial Regulations must complete the Single Tender Action Justification Form and forward to the Director of Procurement in the first instance.

Terms of Purchase

The University trades with its suppliers using the University’s Purchasing Terms and Conditions to obtain goods and services. Commercial transactions with suppliers must always refer to these Terms which set out the default conditions on which the university purchases goods and services. In due course the Terms will appear on the university’s order forms. In the meantime, dealings with suppliers should refer to this document

Stakeholder Engagement Communications Policy

The University’s Procurement Team promotes professionalism to support University staff in engaging with suppliers and ensuring that the procurement processes and procedures are appropriate and effective in order to encourage innovation, promote sustainability and ultimately deliver value for money. This Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategy ensures that all identified key stakeholders are aware of the role that Procurement can provide and how this key information will be distributed.

Supplier Guide

The purpose of this guide is to give suppliers who wish to provide goods, services or works to the University a better understanding of the University’s procurement processes.

Bidding for Contracts and Grants: Welsh language considerations

This guide has been prepared for those working under contract or receiving grants. This is an opportunity to understand more about the requirements that may be passed on to them regarding using the Welsh language.

New Supplier Form

If the supplier is not an approved supplier or is not set up or available for use within Agresso, you will need to request that a new supplier record is created. The New Supplier Form must be completed and forwarded to procurement@bangor.ac.uk. The Corporate Procurement Team will undertake a number of checks prior to approving and sending on to the Accounts Payable Team for setting up within the Master Supplier File.

Importing goods from outside the United Kingdom

This guidance note is for staff/students who may wish to import goods following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Please note that these instructions are subject to change depending on whether a ‘deal’ is agreed or not.