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Good Practice Guide – Do's and Don'ts


1. A VAT Invoice / Receipt for every item showing the details of the purchase;


For items where an electronic invoice has already been submitted to the University with the Purchasing Card data, a Goods Receipt Confirmation or similar is required. (Note that these items are marked on the Purchasing Card Batch Slip).

2. A completed Transaction Log listing each item on the reconciliation; OR a separate completed Purchase Requisition for each purchase.

N.B. Some types of expenditure, particularly over the web, e.g. airline tickets etc., will not have conventional invoices. You should therefore take appropriate screen copies before and after your web transaction as supporting documentation for the transaction.


The better use of descriptions on the reconciliation screen and log is desirable. The default description is to help with identification and should be overwritten with a full description. The description field is limited to 50 characters, but you may add additional explanatory information manually on the Purchasing Card Batch Slip document.


'Rail Ticket' would be better as 'Rail Ticket - J Smith ABC Conference, Bath'

'Photos' as 'Photos XYZ Exhibition stand'

INAPPROPRIATE PURCHASES - Purchases to avoid on a Purchasing Card:

  • Purchase of goods or services from an unsecure Internet site ie. a web site which does not display the padlock security symbol.
  • Personal Subsistence (meals / food) when travelling away from the University must be paid for personally and reimbursed via an expenses claim form.
  • Hospitality - Personal Business Hospitality where staff are present must be reimbursed via an expenses claim form.
  • Fuel for a Personal Car


  • Purchase of goods from contracted suppliers
  • Purchase of Subscriptions and Journals
  • Purchase of Books / Datasets / Music Scores / Videos / CDs / DVDs and the like
  • Purchase of Conference / Training Course places
  • Catering for larger events such as Open Days can be arranged via a Purchasing Card. (Please ensure you give the fullest details of the event in your description including all those who attended).
  • Business Travel - Air Flights, Train, Hire Cars, Ferry Tickets etc.
  • Purchase of Software / Data downloads from the Internet (often in a foreign currency)
  • Goods in Foreign Currencies
  • Small local purchases to be used in the laboratory e.g. bag of cement and 20 metres of rope from B&Q and ingredients used on catering courses etc.
  • Servicing and repairs of University Vehicles
  • Photographic Services
  • Repairs to computers or equipment