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Gazettes 2020/21

Courses List

Courses run by Psychology
Code UCAS Years Title
BA/APISX320[1] [2] [3]Plentyn & Ieuenctid & Seicoleg
BA/CRPMC98[1] [2] [3]Criminology&CrimJst/Psychology
BA/CYPX319[1] [2] [3]Childhood & Youth Stud & Psych
BA/ELPSYCQ83[1] [2] [3]English Language & Psychology
BA/LPQ1C8[1] [2] [3]Linguistics and Psychology
BA/PSCL83[1] [2] [3]Sociology/Psychology
BA/SPPCL84[1] [2] [3]Social Policy/Psychology
BSC/MPN5C8[1] [2]Marketing with Psychology
BSC/NI6S26 [3]Neuropsychology
BSC/PBMC8N2[1] [2] [3]Psychology with Business Man
BSC/PHSC880[1] [2] [3]Psych with Cl & Hlth Psych
BSC/PHS1C88B[0 BIC][1] [2] [3]Psych w Clin & Hlth Psy (BIC)
BSC/PHSIE8X44[1] [2] [4]Psych w Cl & Health Psy (IE)
BSC/PIEC804[1] [2] [4]Psychology (with Int Exp)
BSC/PSC800[1] [2] [3]Psychology
BSC/PS1C81B[0 BIC][1] [2] [3]Psychology (BIC)
BSC/PSFC80F[0 BIC][1] [2] [3]Psychology
BSC/PSYFPC813[1] [2]Psychology with Forensic Psych
BSC/PSYNC801[1] [2] [3]Psychol w Neuropsychol
BSC/PSYN1C83B[0 BIC][1] [2] [3]Psychology with Neuropsy (BIC)
BSC/PSYNIEC809[1] [2] [4]Psych with Neuropsy (with IE)
BSC/PWB1C82B[0 BIC][1] [2] [3]Psychology with Business (BIC)
BSC/PWBIE2R88[1] [2] [4]Psy with Business with IE
CERT/CPSC8DZConsumer Psychology
DIP/DBTC8DV[1]Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
DIP/TMINDC8CP[1]Teaching Mindfulness
MA/BUSPSYN1AX[1]Business with Consumer Psych
MA/MINDC8BV[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MA/MIND3C8EK[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MA/MIND4C8FB[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MA/TMINDC8CR[1]Teaching Mindfulness
MA/TMIND4C8FA[1]Teaching Mindful-based Courses
MSC/AMSC8EY[1]Applied Marketing Science
MSC/APPBAC8EC[1]Applied Behaviour Analysis
MSC/BUSPSYN1AY[1]Business with Consumer Psych
MSC/CHPSYC8EF[1]Clinical and Health Psychology
MSC/CNSLC8DX[1] [2]Counselling
MSC/MINDC8BT[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MSC/MIND3C8EL[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MSC/MIND4C8FC[1]Mindfulness Based Approaches
MSC/PCNPC8EG[1]Principles of Clin Neuropsych
MSC/PSYRESC8AL[1]Psychological Research
MSCI/PHSC808[1] [2] [3] [4]Psychology w Clin & Health Psy
MSCI/PIEC810[1] [2] [3] [4]Psychology with Int Exp
MSCI/PSC807[1] [2] [3] [4]Psychology