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Settling-in at University

Making Friends at University

Starting university and moving to a new place with loads of new people can be very daunting. Alysha shares her advice on how to make friends.

Leaving home for the first time

Vlogger Olivia opens up about how she coped with leaving her family home to move to university.

Surviving your first term at Uni!

Mat takes us through his five top tips on how to get through your first few weeks at university.

How to create storage space in your university room

Jasmine shares her tips on how to make the most of space and storage in your halls of residence.

How to make friends at Uni

Our vlogger Lolu has some top tips on how to make friends at university.

Ashley and Emma's guide to getting along

Flat mates Ashley and Emma share their tips on how to get along.

Making your university room homely

Hannah shares her tips on how to make your room feel homely.

Worries about starting Uni with Aspergers Syndrome

Daniel shares his experiences of starting university with Aspergers Syndrome.

Dealing with Dyslexia at University

Hannah shares her tips on how to deal with having Dyslexia at university.

Student kitchen essentials

Olivia gives tips and advice on what you need in a student kitchen

Five things you should know about being a student

Heading to University soon? Here's Hannah's top 5 things you should know about being a student!

Welcome Week - Your first week at university

Hannah explains what goes on during your first week at university - usually there aren't any lectures but there's loads of other stuff going on to help you settle-in, find your way around and meet lots of people.

What to bring to university

Ashley runs through the essentials that you need to bring with you when you move into university accommodation.

Budgeting your money as a student

Llinos and Hannah share tips and advice on budgeting your money as a student.