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Bolton student first to graduate in her family

Rebekah CookRebekah CookThe first member of a Bolton family to go onto higher education feels ‘amazing’ as she graduated from Bangor University this week.

Former Bury College student Rebekah Cook, 21, from Ainsworth, Bolton graduated with a BSc Clinical and Health Psychology degree from one of the UK’s top Psychology Schools.

Rebekah said: “I come from a single parent background and I am the first one in my family to go to university. I visited several universities and Bangor University was the one that had the friendliest and most welcoming staff and I felt right at home and could not have imagined going anywhere else.

“Going on to university was a big step, but it gave me the opportunity to take part in all sorts of activities. I was a member of Student Volunteering Bangor and became a project leader during my final year. I was also a committee member and helped out on other volunteering programmes throughout my degree.

“I worked on several University open days for the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department which helped to develop my communication skills and gain confidence. This was not only fun, but it was also exciting to meet future Bangor students and telling them about all my wonderful experiences.

“I had so many amazing times at Bangor University and being head peer guide in my final year with a close friend was fun. Perhaps a cliché, but my main highlight was meeting some amazing students, and wonderful tutors who supported me throughout the degree programme.

“At the beginning of my second year my nana, who I was close to, passed away very unexpectedly. This was an extremely painful time and I was off university for about a month. I have battled with my mental health throughout my three years and at times it has been really difficult, but with the right help and support I managed to overcome everything and now I am graduating!

“In the future I hope to become a counsellor for adolescents, to help young people who are facing the same difficulties and struggles I faced and to hopefully make a difference within mental health.”

Publication date: 13 July 2015