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Hannah returns to her roots to graduate in Law

Hannah (centre) with her mother and grandmother.Hannah (centre) with her mother and grandmother.A Bangor University student who returned to her roots is celebrating with a 2:1 degree this week.

Hannah Mair Jones was born in Liverpool but emigrated with her family to Australia as a child.

Hannah said:  “Born in Liverpool to a Scouse father and Welsh mother, we emigrated with my brother and sister to Queensland, Australia when I was a child due to Dad’s work as a chef. I have always been very interested in reading and writing but left school not entirely sure of what my exact future ambitions were, until I started work in a law firm in Rockhampton, Australia. I then decided to travel Europe before enrolling on the LLB in the UK.”

As Hannah’s mother is originally from Abererch, Gwynedd, she decided to use this area as a base. Her grandmother still lives in the village, and it made sense for her to study nearby at Bangor University.

Hannah, 26 said: “I worked while studying to give me some independence, and perhaps also the fact that my parents – and their bank accounts – live in the Southern Hemisphere, so I really needed it in order to survive.   I found it difficult at times, especially once ‘essay season’ and exam periods were upon me but it was a necessity and something which I am proud of.

“Homesickness has been my biggest hurdle! It really does eat you up like an ailment, but unfortunately a trip to the GP and a prescription for antibiotics just will not cure it! I was fortunate to return home to Australia last summer for ten weeks and am grateful that the time spent with family and friends put me in the right mind-set to face the final year!  Also, my mother is coming over from Australia for graduation which I’m thrilled about.”

The graduate has already secured employment as a legal secretary at Humphrys & Co Solicitors in Rhyl. She will also start a Legal Practice Course part-time in Liverpool this September.

Hannah said that she feels indebted to her lecturers at Bangor Law School.

She said: “In my belief, Gwilym Owen and Yvonne McDermott-Rees are both a credit to the Law School at Bangor. I am grateful for their knowledge, but most of all for their friendly and student-focused approach to teaching!

View a short interview with Hannah.

Publication date: 10 July 2014