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Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Programme – Information and Feedback for Candidates Declined a Place after Interview

Thank you to all the candidates who attended our selection days. Well done for being offered an interview!

The number of applicants we have received for number of vacancies has been overwhelming and the quality of the applications has been high. This led to competition for each interview place. Over 100 candidates met our short listing criteria and were invited to the selection/interview day.

For information on the criteria please see please see the presentation on the website for those declined an interview.

Selection for a place on the course was dependent on the number of available places. We had limited places to offer so difficult choices had to be made.

Selection was made by reviewing multiple factors including;

  • Written work;
  • Numeracy test;
  • Group interviews;
  • Original applications, including your education profile, adult care experience and;
  • Personal statement including the quality of the information submitted for evidence of care to support personal statement.
    • Please see the presentation on the website for those declined an interview for feedback on personal statements.

Offers for a Place on the Course

Offers were made on consideration of the factors listed above;

  • Written and numeracy work – norm referenced;
    • this was not marked to any specific criteria but compared to other candidates’ work on the day;
  • References.

Revisit the shortlisting criteria:

  • Education attainment;
  • Appropriate adult care experience or strong evidence of volunteering;
  • Did you provide evidence of care experience?
    • If you did not provide this at interview this would impact on our decision
  • Your insight into nursing.
  • How do you feel the interviews went?
  • How do you think the written and numeracy work went?
  • Were you able to present yourself well as part of the group?

Following the selection day, compared to other candidates, those that were not offered a place were less able to convince the panel of their suitability to enter the nursing course on this occasion.

The offers that will be made are conditional. Should offers be declined, or if conditions are not met, we will be reviewing all those who attended interview and may be making offers at a later date.

All subsequent offers are made on reconsideration of all interviewees.

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