Welcome to the Bangor Institute for Health & Medical Research (BIHMR)

Building on our success in health and medical research at Bangor University, we are launching a new Institute for Health and Medical Research.

Our Vision

The mission of the Bangor Institute for Health and Medical Research is to sustain and grow excellence in our health and medical research. Our mission is to conduct research of the highest standard, with UK and international impact; and able to contribute to improvements in local health and healthcare, as well as making an impact across Wales and the United Kingdom, and internationally.

The Institute aims to do this by:

  • Providing a platform and collegiate focus for health and medical researchers affiliated with Bangor University to undertake research of the highest quality.
  • Bringing together a critical mass of academics from across scientific and professional disciplines, increasing opportunities for interdisciplinary working in clinical and applied research, and across the knowledge continuum.
  • Concentrating and growing our research around pinnacles of thematic and methodological excellence.
  • Increasing the visibility of health and medical research in Bangor University as a unified centre with critical mass that grows and attracts the best health and medical researchers to North Wales.
  • Providing an excellent environment and training programme for postgraduate research students of health and medical research that enables personal and professional growth.
  • Working with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in areas of shared research interests and expertise, to create a strong NHS research environment in North Wales.

Stroke Peer Reflections

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