Staff Profile: Karen Davies

Karen Davies
Lecturer and Admissions Tutor for Adult Field BN
01248 383912
Archimedes, Wrexham Campus

Academic Profile –Karen Davies


Personal Details/Biography:

  • Current position in University/School: Lecturer and Admissions Tutor for Adult Field BN, Wrecsam Campus.
  • Committee membership: Welsh Medium; Teaching and Research committee; Special Circumstances committee.
  • Educational Background: RGN, Diploma in Nursing; ENB Coronary Care Certificate; Cert in H.E.; B. Phil; MA.
  • Hobbies & External Interests: Campanology, Welsh Learner, Pilates.
  • Quote: Something to sum up your role at Bangor and your work here:

Recently I was extremely proud and pleased to be acknowledged as a long service employee for the NHS and the university. This has led me to reflect on my past contributions and it has also made me recognise that I still have something positive to contribute to the school strategy, to nursing, healthcare and ultimately to patient care.



         Module lead for the Dissertation module, in year 3 of the Adult Field programme.

         Teach on all of the Adult Field modules.

         Teach and Assess on two Human Sciences modules.

         Assessor for the PCAN module posters, in year 2.

         Teach clinical skills for both nursing, midwifery and radiography students.

         Teach Study skills.

         Teach and assess on the post registration Coronary Care module and the Return        to Practice Course.

         Teach on the Mentor Course.


Clinical specialism / link tutor role:

  • Clinical specialist area: Coronary Care; High Dependency Care; Acute Medical Nursing.
  • Clinical link areas: Acute cardiac unit; Critical care unit; Cardiac rehabilitation team; Orthopaedic trauma ward; Orthopaedic surgical ward; Fracture clinic.