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Rhiannon Tudor Edwards
Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

Professor Health Economics

Co-director of the Centre for Health Economics & Medicines Evaluation

01248 383712


Rhiannon Tudor Edwards BSC. Econ, M.A., D.Phil., Hon. MFPH is Professor of Health Economics and the founding Director of health economics research at Bangor University and is now Co-Director of the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines evaluation (CHEME), Bangor University. Rhiannon is also Director of the Welsh Health Economics Support Service (WHESS, funded by NISCHR). She is a graduate of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, University of Calgary, Canada, and The University of York where she undertook her doctoral research on NHS waiting lists as a non-price rationing mechanism in public health care. 

Prior to taking up her post in Bangor in 1998, she was Lecturer in Health Economics at Liverpool University with an Honorary position with Liverpool Health Authority.  Rhiannon was a Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Health Policy (2004-05) and spent her sabbatical at The McColl Institute Group Health Cooperative, a large health maintenance organisation (HMO), Seattle, USA. She was Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Excellence in Health Promotion Economics, University of Chicago. She published papers on choice in health care (Edwards et al 2006) and co-authored an international comparison of waiting lists in public health care systems (Willcox et al. 2006) following her fellowship to the USA.

Rhiannon works closely with a number of UKCRC registered Trials Units and is health economist on a range of HTA and NIHR funded UK trials. She has a particular interest in the methodology of economic evaluation alongside trials of public health and psychosocial interventions (Edwards et al. 2008). Rhiannon and colleagues at Bangor lead the economic evaluation of a range of trials in Dementia Care (Woods et al 2010), Parenting Programmes (Hutchings et al 2007, Edwards et al 2007) and the All Wales GP Exercise Referral Programme (Murphy et al 2010).

Rhiannon has published collaboratively over 100 peer reviewed articles, reports and book chapters on health economics methodology (Edwards 2001), cost-effectiveness studies (Edwards et al 2007), political devolution and health policy (Edwards 2002) and health economics in medical education. She has consistent and significant collaborative grant capture.

Rhiannon  has served terms on the MRC  Steering Group on the economic returns of biomedical research in the UK (2007-2009), Wales Office for Research and Development in Health and Social Care Grants Committee (2000-2003),  and with colleagues at Bangor, supported  the NICE  Collaborating  Centre  for  Cancer (2003-2006), contributing to four sets of commissioning guidance. She reviews for a range of health economics and health services research journals.

Rhiannon works closely with Public Health Wales and was an examiner for the UK Faculty of Public Health for three years. Rhiannon is registered blind, has been a guide dog owner for 15 years and has a growing interest in the application of health economics to technologies/services to support people living with disability. She is currently part of an international collaboration looking at low vision service models.

In Bangor, Rhiannon has 8 PhD students and teaches Health Economics and Public Health Economics at Post Graduate Level. She is an active member of the UK Health Economists Study Group and Welsh Health Economics Group who jointly hosted the first major health economics conference to be held in Wales, in Bangor, June 2011.  CHEME offers a 2 day short course on Public Health Economics. To accompany this course Rhiannon is co-editing the 5th in the series “Handbooks in Health Economics – Applied Health Economics for Public Health Practice and Research” for Oxford University Press. Due to be published 2016.

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