Profile of Dr Dinah Evans

Dinah Evans
Dr Dinah Evans
Lecturer in modern History
Room 227.1


Dr Dinah Evans is a modern and contemporary historian who teaches twentieth century British political and social history at undergraduate and postgraduate level through the medium of English and Welsh.


Part One (Year 1)

  • Ideas that shaped the twentieth century

Part Two (Years 2 and 3

  • World War Two and Social Change (special subject)
  • Austerity to Affluence – Britain in the 1950s
  • Women in politics in twentieth century Wales
  • Women, Society and Politics 2001–1979
  • Britain 1945–1997


Dinah Evans’ research focuses on the consequences of twentieth century warfare, with particular reference to Wales. Her doctoral research (completed 2007 under the supervision of the late Professor Duncan Tanner) focussed on post Second World War reconstruction with particular regard to the experience of Swansea within the British context. This research is being prepared as a monograph: The reconstruction of Swansea 1941–58.

Further fields of research are:

  • The relationship between central and local government in the post-Second World War period.
  • Urban and planning history
  • Bilingualism in post-war Wales

Selection of conference papers

We must build not only houses… we must build Communities: the social impact of Swansea County Borough Council’s plans to create new estates and fresh communities in virgin areas of the town. International conference of the North American Association for the study of Welsh Culture and History (NAASWCH), Bangor University, 2012.

A struggle against indifference. A revisionist study into the cultural relationship between England and Wales in the second half of the twentieth century. International Congress of Celtic Studies, Maynooth, Eire 2011.

This town has got out of hand and unbalanced: a study of reconstruction in Swansea during the 1940s and 50s. International conference of the North American Association for the study of Welsh Culture and History (NAASWCH), Marymount University, Washington DC, 2010.

Constructing the priceless heritage of Welsh children? A study of bilingualism in Welsh schools in the 1950s. Harvard Celtic Colloquium, Boston. 2009.


Dr Evans is an advisor on a series of BBC radio programmes on urban history which have drawn on the contemporary urban experience of Swansea as a British / Welsh city.