Staff List

Name +44 1248 Position Location

Administrative Staff

Mrs Tracy Pritchard Williams
382144 School Administrator,
Secretary to the Board of Studies,
Timetable Officer
Room 224.4,
Main Arts

Head of School

Dr Peter Shapely 382148 Reader,
Head of School
Room 222.3,
Main Arts

Academic Staff

Professor Tony Claydon 383759 Professor of Early Modern History,
Director of Research
Room 337,
New Arts
Professor Andrew Edwards 382537 Professor of Modern History,
Dean of CAH
Room 227.3,
Main Arts
Professor Nancy Edwards ~ 382154

Professor of Medieval Archaeology

Room T15,
Main Arts
Dr Mark Hagger 382781 Senior Lecturer in Medieval History,
Deputy Head of School,
Ethics Officer,
Exams Officer
Room T16,
Main Arts
Dr Sue Johns 382149 Senior Lecturer in Medieval History,
Director of Teaching & Learning
Room 222.4,
Main Arts
Dr Owain Jones 382020 Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Lecturer in History,
Welsh Medium Admissions Tutor,
Library Officer
Room T20,
Main Arts
Professor Raimund Karl 382247 Professor of Archaeology & Heritage,
Room T22,
Main Arts
Dr Nikolaos Papadogiannis 382151 Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary History,
Deputy Director of Graduate Studies,
Web Officer
Room T17,
Main Arts
Dr Karen Pollock 382839 Lecturer in History and Archaeology,
Employability Officer,
Peer Guide Co-ordinator,
Open Day Co-ordinator,
Archaeology Research Seminar Organiser,
Health and Safety Officer
Room 227.3,
Main Arts
Professor Huw Pryce 382151 Professor of Welsh History,
Director of Graduate Studies
Room T17,
Main Arts
Dr Lowri Ann Rees 382248 Lecturer in Modern History,
International Officer,
Joint Honours Co-ordinator
Room 228.2,
Main Arts
Dr Euryn Rhys Roberts 383810 Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Lecturer in Medieval History,
Community Liaison Officer,
Dissertation Co-ordinator,
(deputy) Exams Officer,
Disability Officer
Room 227.2,
Main Arts
Dr Gary Robinson 382156 Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology,
Deputy Head of School,
New Programmes Co-ordinator
Room T14,
Main Arts
Dr Alexander Sedlmaier 383604 Reader Room T18,
Main Arts
Dr Audrey Thorstad 382237 Lecturer in Early Modern History,
Admissions and Marketing Officer
Room G3,
Main Arts
Dr Kate Waddington 383623 Lecturer in Archaeology,
Senior Tutor,
Director of Student Engagement
Room 222.6,
Main Arts
Dr Mari Elin Wiliam 383019 Lecturer in Modern and Welsh History,
Director of Student Engagement (Deputy)
Room T19,
Main Arts
~ On Sabbatical - 3-year Leverhulme

Teaching and Research Assistants

Marc Collinson 383020 Postgraduate Tutor Room 229,
Main Arts
Roslyn Gardner Postgraduate Tutor
Martin Hanks Part Time Tutor
John Jones 383020 Postgraduate Tutor Room 229,
Main Arts
Katharina Moller 382247 Postgraduate Tutor Room T22,
Main Arts
Sarah Watson Postgraduate Tutor

Emeritus and Honorary Professors

Professor Antony Carr Emeritus Professor
Professor G. Rex Smith Honorary Professor

Honorary Research Fellows and Lecturers

Mrs Frances Lynch Honorary Research Fellow
Ms Nia Powell Lecturer in Welsh History
Dr David Stephenson Honorary Research Fellow
Mr John Stevenson Honorary Research Fellow