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Children on University Premises

NOTE:  Please contact Human Resources for Work Experience


For the purposes of H&S legislation a:

  • 'Child' is anyone who has not yet reached the official minimum school leaving age (MSLA). Pupils will reach the MSLA in the school year they turn 16.

Please note "Child Protection Legislation" has an enhanced definition of a child. Please see Child Protection Policy for further guidance on Bangor University controls in respect of this.

University Health and Safety Policy

The 2015 review of the University’s Health and Safety Policy saw the inclusion of a specific section on responsibility for safeguarding the health and safety of children who visit or participate in University activities.  As such there was no longer a need for a separate detailed Policy Standard and the old Policy Note OHSU P15: Code of Practice Children on University Property was revoked. 

In relation to children, the University Health and Safety Policy states:

  • The University recognises its extended duty for ensuring the well-being and safety of children and young people when on University premises or property, or when participating in University-led activities. This extended duty must be taken into account by every person who is involved to any extent with the supervision or control of children and young persons and when conducting Risk Assessments.
  • Each College or Professional Service allowing or inviting children onto its premises or to participate in activities, is required to ensure a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment has been produced and adequate controls put in place.
  • The  Property & Campus Services Department is required to consider risks to children in all proposals, designs, developments and maintenance of buildings and external areas; producing Risk Assessments as appropriate to the risks.


It is generally accepted that at some time, children will be present on University premises. Such occasions include:

  • A formal College / Departmental invitation to participate in a planned activity e.g. an Open Day.
  • A University event which children are invited to, or participating in e.g. Graduation, Music Concert.
  • Staff and students bringing their children to University in an emergency e.g. school has suddenly shut.
  • Unauthorised access e.g. children using grounds as a short cut.

Whatever the occasion, if Colleges / Departments know children may be on their premises they must assess the risks to the child to ensure suitable controls have been put in place to protect them.  Children must be supervised at all times but other controls may also be required.  For example:

  • Additional supervision to:
    • Ensure no child is left unattended, especially important if there are groups of children who could need rest breaks at different times
    • To supervise / assist children if carrying out practical work as part of their visit
  • Warning signs.
  • Selecting specific, safer routes into and out of the building.
  • Restricting access to specific areas e.g. laboratories, lifts.
  • Clearly identifying / controlling what equipment and materials can and can't be used.
  • Choosing child friendly materials e.g. paint, safety scissors.
  • Introducing them to University staff / students who are there to support them.

NOTE:  In addition, staff and students working with children may need to have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks carried out. Further guidance on this can be found on the Human Resources Website.