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Safe Use of Computers - Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

The hazards associated with DSE are often underestimated but bad posture, poor ergonomic design and insufficient breaks can lead to discomfort and sometimes chronic disorders which will affect your home and working life.

As most of us will use DSE whilst at work, the University has recognised this fact and has committed itself to try and minimise risks arising from DSE use. The University will provide suitable equipment, workstations, changes in activity, free eyesight tests and where necessary corrective glasses for its staff DSE users.

It has also been made compulsory for all staff display screen users to complete the training below, which includes information on correct DSE use.  This will enable you to carry out your own DSE Self-Assessment to identify any problems. In addition, your College / Professional Service should also have its own DSE Assessor who will be able to help you.

Staff Online compulsory DSE Self Assessment – please complete the online training. The form will then automatically be sent to your local DSE Assessor for any actions to be completed.

The Safe Use of Computers (DSE) Policy Standard sets criterion which the University expects all individuals and each College / Professional Service to follow. The associated Information Sheets provide guidance on how the requirements of the Policy Standard can be met and cover the following subject areas:

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