Using the Professional Behaviours Framework

Achieving the aims of the University’s strategy will not only be a result of what staff have achieved in their roles, but also how they have achieved their aims. The purpose of the Framework is to outline the types of behaviours that the University believes support its values and the behaviours the University expects from its staff.

The behavioural framework is currently being developed to clarify what staff can do to develop in their roles and is meant as a guide and is not prescriptive of the behaviours that the University recognises and rewards. The behaviours are universal across all roles although some are very much more important in some jobs than others.

The behavioural framework can help you:

  • Identify behaviours that are relevant to a job.
  • Identify development needs.
  • Develop behaviours and improve performance.
  • Provide and seek structured feedback from others.

In the context of managing performance you can use the Framework to:

  • Outline the University’s expectations in induction.
  • Reinforce effective behaviours the University wishes to see in the PDR and team meetings.
  • Provide feedback to staff and encourage them to reflect on their own behaviour.
  • Help you in reflecting on your own leadership style.
  • Working with others when you wish to develop greater team collaboration.
  • Supporting staff to develop a professional development plan in the PDR.
  • Coaching and mentoring staff to consider how they can be most effective in a given situation.