Essential Information & Training for Compliance

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a quick guide to the essential information and training required with respect to compliance with University policies and guidance* and legal requirements.

The Staff Training and Development Policy covers all training and development activities for staff in the University that may be provided by the internal training and development providers.

For new staff, relevant training should be identified within the first week (where possible) and it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the necessary training is identified. For current staff, essential training requirements should be highlighted in the Performance Development Review and the Reviewer or Reviewee should seek opportunities during the year to address those training needs.

The information is grouped into six broad categories:

  1. Academic, Research and Student Related
  2. Corporate Compliance
  3. Finance & Probity
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Environment & Sustainability
  6. Human Resources

and then split into specific topics outlining key information and referencing the relevant Policies.

Training provisions are then summarised with ‘essential’ training where attendance / participation is compulsory highlighted.

Many Departments have ownership and responsibility for overseeing University Policies, copies of these policies can be obtained through the University Policy Register link that can be found on the Planning & Governance Office webpage .

In addition to the University Policies, Colleges and Schools may also have local Policies and guidance for their areas of operation.

* Note: policies and guidance within the University may include regulations, rules, policy standards, code of practice, procedures, guidance etc.