Induction Information

We realise that some people work with the Univesity for short periods of time but still need access to essential information about University systems, processes and policies as well as some general information about the area. We hope that on this page we have brought together the key sites and information that you need.

Getting started!
To get a Bangor University e-mail address you must firstly have a staff username. A brief paragraph outlining how to do this is noted HERE. For further information regarding any IT issues visit the relevant IT Department's pages. If you do have problems see your main contact in your School / Department who maybe able to assist you or contact the IT Department's Helpdesk on 8111 or at

The University also has an extensive Intranet. Here you can find information about the Colleges and Departments in the University and in the Quick Links section a link to the Staff Directory and a quick links list for staff.

For information regarding Library services, visit the library site that is relevant to staff and where to go for assistance with your queries.

Getting Around and some Essentials.....
For a map of the Campus, travel directions and contact details of public transport organisations go HERE. For information about accommodation visit this site. . Also the University’s Union building offers a curved lounge restaurant, a fast food restaurant and a variety of bars where you’ll also be able to wine and dine with friends.

If you're new to the area you should visit our relocation site which has very comprehensive information about local services and things to do in your spare time.

For eating the University has some options, with Dylan’s coffee shop in the Main Arts Building and Bistro 2 on the Normal Site. There are also many places to eat in town and Upper Bangor.

Health and Safety
Is is essential that you follow the University's Health and Safety Policy. Please ensure that you are made aware in your relevant school, department or Institute about the local safety procedures and that you are made aware of fire exits, potential hazards and the fire alarm procedure.

If you are working with computers please make yourself aware of various issues that may arise - a useful guide to using display screen equipment safely can be found HERE.

Key Policies
Also, as well as the Health and Safety Policy please make yourself aware of some of key University policies such as the University's Equality Policy, Acceptable Use of IT and Data Protection.

We hope that you enjoy your time working for the University and if you would like to see more information added to this page please contact