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How the Staff Development Team can help you and your team

Increasingly we are being asked to provide training and development that is customised to the needs of individual and teams. This makes the training providing very relevant, timely and therefore very effective. Managers ask us to support them when developing new teams, helping to facilitate project discussions and idea generation and to address specific issues, such as customer service. In terms of supporting individuals we have provided coaching for staff who wish to develop their skills and manage specific work issues.

Some quotes from managers who we have worked with to address specific development needs:

“HR designed and delivered a bespoke workshop for one Division of the Academic Registry on the theme of ‘Dealing with Difficult People’. The workshop took the form of interactive group work and engaged staff at all levels within the Division. The event provided the opportunity for staff to work within different teams to their normal working environment and also to think creatively about the types of issues faced by the Division and then come up with potential solutions. Some of the benefits of this type of workshop included increased staff morale; a broader understanding of the departmental aims and objectives; opportunity for staff to think creatively and ‘outside the box’.”

“I am very pleased with the new training and development programme that the Staff Development section of HR have recently put in place for the Senior Wardens. These Wardens are member of staff who take on the valuable role of pastoral care in the Halls of Residence as well as their own day job. It is an essential role which forms part of the overall student experience and support that Bangor is well known for.
“Having the support of their line Managers in attending induction and training is key and having worked closely with Staff Development to put a summer training schedule in place, I am confident that Bangor offers one of the best pastoral care systems to its students in the UK.”

When addressing a development need we usually apply one, or a mix of the methods noted below:

Coaching is a one to one process to assist an individual to develop their skills and knowledge at work and tends to focus on a specific goal or area for improvement. Click here for more information. We can also facilitate group coaching sessions.

Mentoring is a similar process to coaching but deliberately pairs a person who is more experienced or skilled with an individual who is less skilled or experienced in order to pass on knowledge and experience. The University is currently developing a mentoring scheme but if you wish to learn more about this please contact the Staff Development Team.

For women staff there is an all Wales mentoring scheme (WUMS – Women in Universities Mentoring Scheme) for which any female staff working in HE in Wales can apply. Many staff in Bangor have and are participating. If you are interested please go the WUMS web site or contact the Staff Development Team.

Raising Self Awareness – this is can be used for individuals and teams. We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is a widely used personality instrument that can help you to understand yourself better and the way you react to different people and situations and why other people react to you in the way that they do. This is be used with individuals and teams.

In addition to this we also use a number of management and leadership feedback tools, team building questionnaires and leadership styles that all assist to help develop self and team awareness.

Team Building – we can also provide team or skills development for team, departmental and college events.

Facilitated Learning Groups – we also arrange for small groups to meet to discuss issues which are led by a member of the Staff Development Team to provide a team with an informal learning environment that can be developed and arranged to suit the needs of the group.

If you wish to talk to us about we can help please contact or contact extn 8414.