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New Managers

Bangor Management Update

This is an induction day for staff whose role requires them to manage others. It is useful for all those who are new to management but can also provide a useful refresher for those with some management experience at Bangor. The aim of the session is to provide managers with information that is useful to know in their roles such as the University’s Strategic Priorities, Policies and Procedures.

These sessions are arranged at various times of the year, please contact for further details.

Session Overview

This is a half day update for managers to update their knowledge about developments in the University and refresh their knowledge regarding key strategies, policies and processes in the University.  It is useful for all staff who have management responsibility for other staff but particularly useful for managers who are new to their role.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the session staff will:

  • Have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities as managers.
  • Have examined some of the University’s key policies and procedures and understand their relevance to them as managers.
  • Have identified relevant sources of support available to managers in Bangor.