Leadership and Management Development

The University provides development opportunities at various levels for leaders and managers. These programmes and workshops aim to set the foundations for effective leadership and management in the University:

The University holds a number of programmes to supports its leaders and managers.

Developing Effective Supervisory Skills Programme

This four part programme will begin with an introduction for those new to supervision or those who have had previous supervisory experience but would benefit from some support/ refresher. The programme will offer a variety of both theory based and practical sessions aimed at developing your, confidence and effectiveness on a range of key supervisory skills.

In addition you will be offered the opportunity to explore Myers Briggs Preference Type This provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how your thinking and communication style impacts on others.

More information regarding the 2018 programme can be found here.  If you wish to attend or would like more information please contact hyfforddi@bangor.ac.uk

Other courses that we run for managers...

Every year we run a number of workshops for managers these include:

• Equality & Diversity for Managers
• Coaching Skills for Managers
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Handling Difficult Situations with Confidence
• Recruitment and Selection
• Developing Performance Management Skills

Leadership and Management Training with the Management Centre and Lifelong Learning

The Management Centre also run extensive programmes for managers that include Institution of Leadership and Management qualifications, a Coaching and Mentoring Programme and a Masters in Business Administration. For more information contact the Management Centre.

The School of Lifelong Learning also arrange leadership and management workshops through the Management Centre.