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Disabled Students' Forum

The Disabled Students' Forum was set up by the Students' Union and the Disability Service and is run by students. It provides an opportunity for you to meet other students at Bangor with disabilities, discuss topics such as access and financial support and find out about events. Feedback sought during forum meetings is used to improve the student experience.

For more information about the disabled students' forum, email:

Disability Working Group (DWG)

The Disability Working Group meets three times a year to monitor policy and provision across the university in relation to disabled students. Six student representatives attend these meetings. If you are interested in joining the group, or require further information, please contact

Undeb Bangor Council – Disabled Students Councillor

The Undeb Bangor Council is the body within the Students’ Union which exists to debate ideas in relation to its policies, campaigns and political activity, ideas relative to its opportunities or for the development of the student experience at Bangor. It is also a forum where Bangor students can hold their elected union officers and councillors to account.

The council is made up of student members occupying a number of specialist roles including a Disabled Students Undeb Bangor Councillor. If you are interested in becoming an Undeb Bangor Councillor this UBC Handbook has more information.

Provide Feedback

Your feedback is always valuable to us and helps us to ensure we're doing everything that we can for you to have the best university experience and reach your full potential. You can email the University’s Disability’s Service at any time to provide us with feedback on disability issues and you can also approach the Student Equality and Diversity Officer, Helen Munro by emailing or calling 01248 388021.