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Support and Advice

Chaplaincy Team

The University Chaplaincy Team offer pastoral help to anyone who needs it. They can talk to you confidentially about any concerns or spiritual needs you may have.

There are also individual Chaplains that you can contact. This information and further information about the Chaplaincy Team is available on their website.


External Resources

The BBC website has useful information about different religions and beliefs.

The 2011 Advance HE report on 'Religion and Belief in HE: Researching the Experiences of Staff and Students'.

The 2012 NUS report 'No Place for Hate: Religion and Belief', explores incidents of hate crime on UK campuses related to religion and belief.

The Faith Matters website provides information about campaigns and events to reduce extremism and inter-faith tensions.

The Faith Matters 'Tell MAMA' campaign records and measures anti-Muslim incidents and supports Muslim communities affected by anti-Muslim hate crime.

The campaign to 'TAKE ON HATE' stands against all forms of hate and prejudice toward any group of people.