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How students can help promote gender equality

Gender equality is something we can all work towards. All students are expected to show respect to their fellow students, as well as staff members, regardless of their gender.

No student should be made to feel intimidated or uncomfortable for any reason, including their gender. Discriminatory ‘banter’ will not be tolerated within the University grounds and campus. This behaviour is also unacceptable on social media, including in group chats.

International Women's Day

The university celebrates International Women's Day each year on March 8th with a series of events including presentations and guest lectures.

For more information about International Women's Day and the themes for each year, visit their website which shares resources and information about events and news from around the world.

Undeb Bangor Council – Women Students Councillor

The Undeb Bangor Council is the body within the Students’ Union which exists to debate ideas in relation to its policies, campaigns and political activity, ideas relative to its opportunities or for the development of the student experience at Bangor. It is also a forum where Bangor students can hold their elected union officers and councillors to account.

The council is made up of student members occupying a number of specialist roles including a Women Students Undeb Bangor Councillor. If you are interested in becoming an Undeb Bangor Councillor this UBC Handbook has more information.