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Get Involved

There are many ways that students can get involved to promote mental wellbeing.

Student Mental Health Strategy Group

The Student Mental Health Strategy Group is made up of students and staff, plus external members from the NHS, North Wales Police and the University Chaplaincy.

They meet three times a year and support those who experience mental health difficulties in order to create an inclusive community. If you are a student and interested in becoming a representative for the Student Mental Health Strategy Group, please contact

University Mental Health Awareness Day

Every spring, Bangor University takes part in Mental Health Awareness Day which promotes the mental health of people working and studying in higher education. The event is an opportunity to get more students involved in supporting future health promotion and campaigns.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is recognised on 10th October every year. The university works alongside external agencies to promote awareness about mental wellbeing.

Undeb Bangor Councillor - Mental Health Champion

The Undeb Bangor Council is the body within the Students’ Union which exists to debate ideas in relation to its policies, campaigns and political activity, ideas relative to its opportunities or for the development of the student experience at Bangor. It is also a forum where Bangor students can hold their elected union officers and councillors to account.

The council is made up of student members occupying a number of specialist roles including an Mental Health Champion Undeb Bangor Councillor. If you are interested in becoming an Undeb Bangor Councillor this UBC Handbook has more information.