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Maintaing Your Mental Wellbeing

Bangor University offers many activities to promote mental wellbeing and foster your resilience to deal with the challenges of university life. Please see the Support, Advice and Resources page for a full list of services and links to external mental wellbeing sources.

iCan Workshops

Our Student Counselling service runs a series of ‘iCan’ Workshops during term time with themes that are relevant to student life such as improving self-esteem, overcoming anxiety and managing your time. These workshops can help you learn a range of coping strategies to adopt during challenging situations.

The workshops are open to all students. Click here to for the current programme.

Mindfulness Workshops

Student Counselling also offer a weekly ‘Drop-in’ Mindfulness session every Wednesday during term time from 4:00-4:50pm in the Annex Meeting Room, Neuadd Rathbone.


The mental health charity MIND have produced several booklets explaining how you can develop your resilience in order to better face difficult situations and avoiding becoming unwell. ‘How to Cope with Student Life’ and ‘How to Improve and Maintain Your Mental Wellbeing’.

They include advice about:

•               Talking to friends and family about how you feel.

•               How eating a well-balanced diet can help you to feel happy and healthy.

•               The effect of alcohol, smoking and drug use on your general wellbeing.

•               How activities can help you to build up your confidence and stay well.

•               The positive effects of physical activity on wellbeing.