Student Ambassador: Fazeelat Hamid – Biomedical Science

Fazeelat HamidFazeelat Hamid

Why Bangor?

I considered Bangor University when I was surfing internet for the top universities in the UK. My decision was supported by a Bangor University representative in an educational exhibition in Pakistan. But most importantly, the good scholarship I got made me choose it.

The International Ambassador Scheme

It always seems a daunting choice to study in a different country, in a different culture with a different language away from friends and family but I want to actually remove this general stereotype to show all prospective students that how amazing this experience actually is with the help of this scheme that aims to provide all kind of support one can imagine to face while studying in a different country.

What is the most difficult thing about being international student?

The language is the first thing to be always afraid of and then comes the culture where one finds it at first difficult to settle in. Leaving family and living alone seems a bit difficult but is always worth it.

The Course

I am currently enrolled in Biomedical Sciences which is an accredited degree promising a good future to be a registered biomedical scientist. It’s not only a potential stepping stone into Medical Schools as a graduate entrant but also equips graduates with the ability to pursue other clinically oriented careers and is a course of first choice for those interested in Health Based careers. Scientific and clinical staff from hospitals across Wales are involved in all aspects of teaching which is amazing.

The academic school

I love my school. It’s not because of the building but because of the staff residing it t. All lecturers are wonderful and amazing always ready to help no matter what. They are dedicated to what they teach and interested in the welfare of the students. The small size of class made it possible to be more interactive with the lecturer and students.

Course highlight

The amount of practical we perform guided by the experienced staff from local laboratories is an invaluable experience in improving our job prospects and employability in the future.

Clubs and Societies

I am an active member of first aid and basketball societies. The former is helping me in my health based career and the latter is bringing a dimension to my student life. I am planning to join the dance and language society this year as well. After all, all societies and clubs are free to join.

Social life

Bangor is a beautiful place and I can't resist walking. Having free access to the local library is good as I enjoy reading. Moreover the campus life in Uni always have really fantastic activities including movie nights which are amazing. I love the cafes in Bangor and like to spend time there as well.

Best thing about living in Bangor...

Apart from the beautiful location, everything is Bangor is within the walking distance. University building are stretched throughout the city enabling us to access any building any time for the space to study. The very friendly community will never make one feel not to be a part of home

Have you joined any clubs and societies?

I am an active member of first aid society and besides take part in many cultural challenges. The former is helping me in my health based career and the latter is bringing a dimension to my student life. I am also volunteering with few projects which allows me to meet new people.

What will you miss most about Bangor when you leave?

My school and lecturers are the ones I will miss a lot. I have developed the sense of belonging and feel them to be a part of my family and I am very grateful for that.

Has the University being supportive?

I never studied in an institute with such supportive staff as I have in this University. I find not only my personal tutor but every staff of any services really supportive.

What advice would you give to students planning on coming to Bangor?

Firstly, do not be afraid or keep quiet just because you feel you don't have a command on a different language, or because you're unaware of the culture because here people will never laugh at you and will always help you. They are interested in knowing different cultures. Secondly, don’t find friends from the country you belong. Try to be with students from different regions of the world. This will truly bring a new dimension to your student life.

The future?

In few years I see myself as a PhD student in Bangor University or Studying Medicine in one of the Medical Schools in the UK. Let’s see where future actually takes me.