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Module ASB-1103:
Intro to Business and Mgmt

Module Facts

Run by Bangor Business School

10 Credits or 5 ECTS Credits

Semester 1

Organiser: Dr Siwan Mitchelmore

Overall aims and purpose

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to business, management and organisations. Organisations are key to the way in which we organise society, and a study of organisations is central to developing an understanding not only of business and management, but of many other aspects of our lives. The course explores the context of business, the organisation of work and nature of management.

Course content

• Introduction to the module • Explaining Organisational Behaviour • The Environment • Learning • Culture • Personality • Motivation • Groups • Leadership • Elements of structure • Creativity and Innovation

Assessment Criteria


For example can describe the history of management theories and provide definitions of management and organisations. Demonstrates a basic understanding of how individuals differ and the nature of working in groups.


As above, combined with the ability to analyse, for example, why different management theories have emerged, reasons for different organisational structures, and how individuals are motivated to work.


As above, with the ability to critically evaluate the literature discussed, and apply to practical examples, eg. identify problems associated with managing within contemporary organisations.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explore the relationship between individuals and their working environment, including the motivation to work, the social dimension of working with others, and the nature and function of leadership.

  2. Understand the work as a social activity, in which leadership integrates the achievement of task activity and the development of social processes.

  3. Understand the complexity of the management task.

  4. Understand the changing nature of a business environment and how it can affect internal structures of organisations

  5. Recognise the importance of innovation and creativity

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Assignment - 1400 words 30
Exam S1 1.5 hours 70

Teaching and Learning Strategy


Two 1-hour lectures per week.


One 1-hour tutorial per fornight.

Lecture 100


Pre- and Co-requisite Modules

Courses including this module

Compulsory in courses:

Optional in courses: