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Diploma Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

These were the modules for this course in the 2018–19 academic year.

You can also view the modules offered in the years: 2019–20; 2020–21.

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Year 1 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1

Semester 2

Optional Modules

80 credits from:

  • SXY-4010: Transnational Crime (20) (Semester 2)
    1. Course Outline Study of Transnational Crime and Policing 2. Study of Terrorism 3. Study of State Crime 4. Study of Organised Crime 5. Group Presentations 6. Reading Week 7. Study of ID theft 8. Group Presentations 9. Study of Trafficking in arms, drugs and people 10. Study of Corporate Crime 11. Study of eCrime 12. Student Presentations 1
  • SXY-4015: Key Issues in Criminology (20) (Semester 1)
  • SXU-4020: Social Science in Action (20) (Semester 1)
  • SXY-4020: Comparative & Intl Crim Just (20) (Semester 1)
    • The promise and problems of Understanding Criminal Justice Comparatively • Review of core aspects of criminal justice with reference to England and Wales • Doing criminal justice differently • Punishment and penal policy across the globe • Victims, victimisation, and criminal justice • Models of criminal justice and their applicability • Forms of international criminal justice – the ICC • Alternative forms of justice – Truths Commissions
  • Note that the module SXU-4021 Social Science in Action 2 is not available to January intake students.