Mini-Graduation is a ceremony aimed at formally saying farewell to exchange students who are finishing their study period at Bangor University and therefore becoming part of our worldwide network of over 88,000 alumni of Bangor University. This is a compulsory event taking place in December for Semester 1 students and in April for Semester 2 and full year students.

During the ceremony Pro-Vice Chancellor Carol Tully hands each student their Study Abroad Certificate, which confirms their period of study at Bangor University as well as their experience of living abroad that has allowed them to taste, learn from and adapt to new international experiences and challenges. During Mini-Graduation groups of students have their chance to go up on stage, receive their certificate, shake the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s hand and also have a group picture taken as a memory of the event. Therefore, it is a good chance for students to dress up or wear traditional clothes from their native culture or country. After all, the international experience is all about learning about other cultures and being enriched by it.

Mini-Graduation is also an opportunity for students to learn about our postgraduate courses. Our Postgraduate Marketing Officer is normally on hand to answer students’ questions about postgraduate study opportunities. Students are also reminded by the Development & Alumni Relations Office that Bangor University would love to keep in touch with former students and hear about their progress after Bangor.

In December's Mini-Graduation we also had the great pleasure of listening to an uplifting speech from one of our exchange students, Antonio Olea Baeza, who kindly agreed to share some thoughts on his experience in Bangor. You can find his speech here.

We would also like to share some comments about the ceremony from students who attended Mini-Graduation:

“Mini-Graduation was definitely brilliant time to attend the ceremony with my lovely friends and staff. I wish I can come back here again someday.” (Maika from Japan)

“The time I’ve spent in Bangor has been one of the most exciting, fascinating and fun experience so far. The Mini-Graduation was definitely a beautiful ending to such an experience.” (Caterina from Italy)

“One of the things I really liked was the Mini-Graduation. It made me feel like a person who mattered, a person who was not forgotten despite being a 1 Semester student, and they let me know that I will be welcome every time from now on.  It was great to feel that.” (Cristina from Spain)

“I am very thankful to them (Exchanges Office) for the beautiful event they organized for the international students, before our return journey. It’s been a simple but solemn moment in which I felt very proud of being an exchange student.” (Anna from Italy)

“The Mini-Graduation ceremony was very meaningful for all of us.” (Sariy from Brunei)

“Before arriving to Bangor, I already felt it was a special place to live and to study, but I didn’t expect to receive such a warm welcome and such a nice goodbye. Even though I already had a graduation, I’ve never had a ceremony like that. Bangor University staff is great for important things like explaining, supporting, solving problems, giving advice, but details make the difference: this ceremony really made me feel important and welcome. It was a pleasure and a honour to be part of Bangor University, even if for one semester only. If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again!” (Rosa from Italy)

Additional comments from our exchange students about their experience in Bangor:

“Living in Bangor as an Erasmus student was an amazing experience. Everything was so different of what I had pictured in my mind. It is interesting how a small town in North Wales can make you feel comfortable in just a couple of days.”

“I was very pleased as I found a very friendly atmosphere and the University staff welcomed us warmly. The Welcome Meeting was really useful and it helped me feel more at ease and less ‘scared’.” (Student from Italy)

“The staff and the students always helped me and they were so kind. Especially when I came here, I was really nervous and my English was really poor but they always tried to understand me.” (Student from Japan)

“I arrived here in September as a shy Spanish girl who was afraid of speaking in English because of her accent and now I am leaving more confident. I am a lucky for having chosen Bangor as my Erasmus destination.” (Cristina from Spain)

A special thanks to our photographer, Ji Songkun for the great photos of the event.

(Please check out our Bangor University International Facebook page for more photos of the event.)