Student profile: Vasianna Antiochou

Name: Vasianna Antiochou

Course: Consumer Psychology with Business

Hometown/Country: Greece

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

I had help when deciding which university to go to from an external agency, they told me about the rankings of Bangor University. I have now been here for 5 years and I have learnt a lot, you can achieve a lot of things by working hard.

Tell us what you like about academic teaching quality at Bangor University?

All of the lecturers and academics are there for you if you need them, I think that they are really approachable so if you need anything you always have a chance to ask them. I think the academic workload was fair.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

I find it easy to make friends here and I used to be part of the Athletic Society.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I used to live in university accommodation during my first year of my undergraduate course and then for the next 4 years I lived in private accommodation. I think it was great, I wanted my own private room which I got. I have flatmates with whom I share my kitchen and I haven’t had any problems. The distance from my accommodation to the campus is close, everything is within walking distance. Cost of living is also very fair, you can go out and have fun without spending too much money.

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

I think Bangor is very beautiful, you can also go to places just outside Bangor, like Snowdonia etc with your friends, it is definitely worth a visit. I also think that it is very safe here.

Experience of getting part-time jobs in Bangor? How easy is it to get one?

Right now I am working in Llandudno, I used to work in Caernarfon and I have had experience of working in Bangor as well.

How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

I am pretty confident that my Bangor University degree will help me in my future career.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

My highlights are experiences with people from all over the world, listening to other people’s stories, how they spend their day and their experiences is something that I wouldn’t find in Greece. Even when I go home, I miss this place, so I feel this is my home now. I feel like Bangor and the UK is my home now.