Student profile: Abas Ahmed

Name: Abas Ahmed

Course: MSc Finance

Hometown/Country: Khartoum-Sudan

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

I chose Bangor University because it has one of the top Business Schools in the UK.

Tell us what you like about academic teaching quality at Bangor University?

I like all of the business school lecturers, they are remarkable academicians and excellent researchers and also major contributors to finance literature. I have learnt so much from them and their extremely valuable research and their addition to my knowledge is extremely incomparable.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

I made friends from all over the world.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I was living in a private accommodation, it was absolutely fantastic accommodation and I am extremely satisfied with it.

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

It is extremely beautiful out here and I enjoyed living there.

Experience of getting part-time jobs in Bangor? How easy is it to get one?


How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

I'm very confident in my future career.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

My highlight has been the academic knowledge I have learnt while being at Bangor, also my entire experience in the UK.

Describe Bangor in three words:

A world class university.