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Student profile: Asha Premsagar

Name: Asha Premsagar

Course: Management MBA

Hometown/Country: India

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

Bangor University was leading in teaching quality and student experience and I did my research and saw that the ranking of the Business School was good. I also like the infrastructure of the university.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

The social life in Bangor is really good if you are prepared to move around and participate in societies and clubs. I was able to make friends through societies and clubs and it helped me to learn new and different cultures and it was a really nice experience. I am part of the Archery Club, Business Society and the Indian Society. I have had memorable experiences at the cultural programmes where I also performed twice in dance events. We also had a performance in the One World Gala which is an event organised by the International Education Centre.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I think the distance from anywhere in Bangor to the campus is short, I can go to my classes or work in no more than 10 minutes.

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

The scenic view in Bangor is really refreshing, the natural beauty here is something that gives me a peace of mind. After the workload and stress of academics and other things, I always feel relaxed when I go out for a walk.

Any experience with the free support services available to international students at Bangor University?

I received support from the international office regarding my visa. I also had some issues with my first house which was private accommodation and I needed to change the house and the international office were really helpful in the whole matter.

Experience of getting part-time jobs in Bangor? How easy is it to get one?

I have been working at the late stop convenience shop, I also got a job at 'Flair Events', which is an event company. I am also going for the Bangor Employability Award (BEA), I think it’s a really good concept.

How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

I am confident that my Bangor University degree will help me in the future and I hope that I will get a good job somewhere after my course. I should get plenty of job opportunities.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

The highlight for me would be the natural beauty, the nature and the scenic beauty are very relaxing to me and I feel at peace here, it's like a second home to me. I got to learn so many things and had a lot of experiences. I also made a lot of friends which I will cherish and the new cultures, diversity and people are something that I got to experience at Bangor.