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Student profile: Athulya Varghese

Name: Athulya Varghese

Course: MBA International Marketing

Hometown/Country: India

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

I chose Bangor because it is a good university with a reputation for providing a good education. I enjoy being here and I find it easy to study because it’s so peaceful and everything is so convenient that it’s all perfectly situated for a study environment. The system that is used to give us an education is a high quality one that includes lots of assignments. With the education I receive from here I know there will be lots of opportunities in many overseas countries due to the high quality of education and the reputation this business school has worldwide

Tell us what you like about academic teaching quality at Bangor University?

I know that the teaching quality here is very good, and the way the lecturers and tutors present their lectures leads to some very good study and research ideas, including the different methods of teaching. The professors are very friendly, and they are also highly experienced and specialist. I find the lecturers and tutors very helpful with providing a highly relevant course study materials that proves very helpful when it comes to the assignments we have to submit.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

I find it very easy to talk to a lot of multinational and multicultural diverse students here and it is very easy to make friends with other students because we are in the same situation. Although I stay with my parents in Bangor I still have a lot of international and British friends, and when I get the time between studying and working, I try and join in as many activities as I can because I enjoy going out and socialising with my friends.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I live with my parents so it is a little harder for me to have the average social life of a student, but that being said I still have a lot in common with other students. I live quite close to all of the places I need to be so that is great, and I also have a very comfortable home and I have been told by my friends that their student houses are also very comfortable and reasonably priced.

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

I like Bangor because I think it is a very quiet and peaceful place, it reminds me of a small town because of the lack of busy traffic and hustle and bustle you find in a bigger city. I also really love the views and when walking around Bangor there are lots of pretty green areas and gardens like the ones near the bus station, the flowers along the sidewalks and the beautiful views of the mountains and the bay is totally different from that I would find in the rest of the UK. It is a very beautiful place.

Any experience with the free support services available to international students at Bangor University?

I contacted the International Education Centre for some help regarding paying my tuition fees and I received a grant for helping with my living expenses.

Experience of getting part-time jobs in Bangor? How easy is it to get one?

I currently work as a care-assistant in a care home close to Bangor and a lot of my friends have also found jobs.

How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

I heard from other former students and business people that getting a degree within the area of Business from Bangor University, especially a Masters degree, is guaranteed to get you a job in the UK or any other country due to the reputation of the university as being the top UK university for Business. I currently have a job offer and am planning on going back to India to work for a charitable organisation. I received the job offer recently and they want me to work for them because of the Master’s degree I have from Bangor.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

Many countries and cultures are represented here at Bangor and I like the fact that I can talk to a range of people, from all over the world. The best thing about being a student here is being able to make a lot of friends as it is so friendly here.

Describe Bangor in three words:

Beautiful, Interesting, Lovely.