Student profile: Mariam Hashem

Name: Mariam Hashem

Course: MSc Banking and Finance

Hometown/Country: Bahrain

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

I had to choose between a couple of universities in the UK because of a contract between the UK and Bahrain Government and myself. The Bahrain government funds students to do a Bachelors, or 3 years of study within a university in Bahrain, and 1 year in the UK. I chose Bangor because it was on the list of universities who offered my course but mainly because it has a very high reputation within my country and is a world leader and world renowned in terms of the position of the business school within the financial institutions.

Tell us what you like about academic teaching quality at Bangor University?

Everything at Bangor University was great, the teaching quality was great and the lecturers were very experienced. The lecturers gave great seminars and lectures and then the students were left to study the ideas and figure out how there is contrast and comparison between those ideas and the application. This was an amazing way of teaching and the input from the tutorials helped to then expand on the lectures. I found the quality of teaching at Bangor University very good and I would recommend the university for the course that I studied there.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

While I was at Bangor University I was heavily involved in the women’s volleyball team, it was very easy to join and also free. The people there were excellent and became very good friends and I enjoyed being a part of the team. Having that much of an outlet for the stresses of studying all the time allowed me to be a lot more relaxed and focused on my studies because they were very important to me and my family. I also would like to say that it was easy to join clubs and societies and also very easy to make new friends.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I lived in private accommodation with a few other students in an old converted studio flat, it was an experience. The distance for almost anything within Bangor, including most of the university buildings where I attended classes, the shopping areas, train station etc were only a 10 minutes walking distance which was very convenient. Overall it was a very good year.

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

I personally really enjoy being my own person and keeping to myself so I really appreciate the quietness and calmness of the city as it’s very relaxed and secure. Bangor itself is 100% a comfortable place for students to study due to its location, size, environment and quietness coupled with the natural beauty surrounding it. There are many activities you can do within Bangor and the surrounding area, a lot of the societies have made use of the surrounding area and made them a feature of peoples experience of Bangor. I prefer to stay in and keep myself company, so I can’t complain. It is a very beautiful area.

Any experience with the free support services available to international students at Bangor University?

From the very first day I arrived at Bangor, there were student guides ready and willing to help international students find their feet after the long trip from home, which I thought was very nice. During freshers week they actually helped me a lot, guiding me to places that I wished to go. The International Education Centre was one of the places I needed to visit because they were the people able to help me set up a bank account here in the UK so that I could pay my tuition fees, they were very helpful and also provided me with all the information I needed to get a railcard.

Experience of getting part-time jobs in Bangor? How easy is it to get one?

I have not looked for a job but a few of my friends have had part time jobs while they were here, and others are still looking. I am more focused on my studies at the moment, I have heard that the University offer the Bangor Employability Award (BEA) but I haven’t really had an opportunity to look into it due to always being so focused on getting a really good high mark on my degree. In the future I hope to get a part time job and if I come back to study for my PhD I will certainly look into the BEA and part time jobs in more detail.

How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

Having a degree from a UK institution as renowned and highly ranked as the Business School here in Bangor University will be really helpful when I go back to my home country. A Masters degree in Banking and Finance is considered at the very highest level in my country and within my current work as a finance assistant. I think that the level of education and the experience gained while at Bangor will certainly help with my current job and it will also mean that in the future I will be able to work in most of the financial sectors due to the excellence of the Bangor Business school and quality of my degree.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

In my opinion one of the best things about being a student here at Bangor University is the high quality of the environment around you, the views and the scenery and the feeling you get of calmness and security are all what makes being a student here so good, it is amazing here. The lecturers here are also very helpful and the staff all provide really helpful assistance and support if needed, I really like how nice and friendly the people are here, it feels so safe and secure here that I love Bangor.

Describe Bangor in three words:

Quality, Quiet, Convenient