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Student profile: Raghav Agrawal

Name: Raghav Agrawal

Course: Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons)

Hometown/Country: India

Why is Bangor University a good choice for the course you are studying?

Bangor University has a good ranking and it was 2nd in Research at the time I applied, it also had a high student satisfaction rate. Also, Bangor University has a really good disability department and dyslexic centre which also helped me make a decision. The labs have amazing equipment.

Tell us what you like about academic teaching quality at Bangor University?

The professors are good and they try to explain things in different ways so that students understand in a better way.

What is the social life like in Bangor? Are you involved in any societies or sports teams? How easy it is to make friends here?

I was a part of the Badminton Team during my first year and I also attended some events with the Indian Society. I met many people through joining these societies and overall I have met a lot of friendly people here. All of my flatmates have been really friendly and we get along well and I would say it is easy to make friends here.

Your experience of living in university accommodation OR private accommodation?

I have lived in both university accommodation and private accommodation. In the first year I lived at university accommodation over on Fridd Site which was good and comfortable. My private accommodation was also comfortable plus I had really good flatmates

What do you think about Bangor and the surrounding area?

I do like the natural beauty and the hikes from time to time.

Any experience with the free support services available to international students at Bangor University?

How confident are you that Bangor university degree will help you in taking your career forward?

My plan is to go for a Masters degree after this, I am sure that my Bangor University degree will benefit me as I plan to carry on studying in the UK. In the future, I think I will have good job opportunities.

What is the highlight/best thing about being a student at Bangor?

The highlight for me are Bangor University's clubs and societies. We were recently ranked number 1 by Whatuni awards for Clubs and Societies. I have enjoyed the events that I attended.