The Application Process FAQs

How do I apply to study at Bangor University?

We are delighted that you would like to apply to study at Bangor University.


Apply for a undergraduate course at Bangor University.


Apply for a postgraduate course at Bangor University.

Pre-sessional courses

Apply for a pre-sessional course at Bangor University if you do not meet the English language requirements for your chosen degree.

I have evidence that I have met the conditions of my offer. How can I send these to you?

Clear scanned images can be emailed to This will be accepted as proof your have met the conditions of your offer.

A PDF receipt of your deposit payment can also be emailed to

When is the deadline to apply?

There is no application deadline for International Students, although if you are interested in studying at Bangor University it is best to apply as soon as possible.

How soon after submitting my application will I receive my offer?

We aim to issue offers within two weeks of receiving your application

What is the status of my application?

If you submitted your application online – you can track the status of your application. If you submitted a paper application, if you have not heard anything within two weeks, please contact or call +44 (0) 1248 382028.

What is the start date of my programme?

The welcome week programme for international students begins on the 17th September.

Most courses then begin on the following Monday, however always check your registration package for further details of your schools calendar.

I have met the conditions of my conditional offer, what happens next?

Provided you have paid your deposit and sent a copy of your valid passport a CAS letter which contains your CAS number for your VISA application will be sent to you as soon as possible.

When will I receive my CAS number?

After we have received evidence that the conditions of your offer have been met we aim to issue your CAS number to your within two weeks.

I didn’t get my VISA in time, can I defer my offer until next year?

Yes, you may defer your offer for one year. Please email stating your Full name, student number and the course which you applied for.

Do I request my own references or will the departments request them on my behalf?

Please enclose sealed references with your application, references are not requested on your behalf. 

Do I have to use the reference forms provided with the application form?

No. Your referees can send references in sealed envelopes, provided that they are on official letter headed paper and are signed and stamped.

What are Academic Transcripts?

Academic transcripts are issued by the University where you studied at undergraduate level. The transcript shows in detail which modules you took and the grade/marks you attained.

I am a graduate of Bangor University, do I still need to submit my transcripts?

Not if you graduated within the last five years

I completed my undergraduate qualification years ago, do I still have to submit my transcripts / academic references?


Yes. We will need to see evidence that you have completed a first degree and establish your classification. Your former College/University should be able to provide you with a full academic transcript on request.

Academic references

This is more difficult as some of your former academics may have retired or may not remember you. In this case you need to provide a detailed CV / Job description and work references.

Do I post my results in hard copy or will scans in an email be enough?

Scanned copies are acceptable, although you are asked to show your original degree certificate at registration.

What do your require as proof of financial support?

If you are being sponsored by a relative, company or your government, we will require a letter stating their intention to support you. This should include the exact amount of sponsorship

Do I need to provide proof of financial support if I am self funded?

Bangor University does not require proof of financial support for students who are self funding their studies, however the UKBA will need to see proof of financial support.