Study Abroad at Bangor Handbook

Applying to Study Abroad at Bangor

Before applying to Bangor, please:

  1. Contact your Study Abroad Adviser in your home university to discuss the issues involved in undertaking a study abroad study placement.
  2. Look-up details of degree programmes and modules offered by Bangor University.


  1. If you would like to to apply, please complete the application form and return to Bangor University by the 31st July 2019 - Semester 1 or 1 year.
  2. Your application will be considered by the relevant school, and if acceptable, an offer letter of admission will be sent to you together with an accommodation application form.
  3. It is not possible to guarantee the study programme at Bangor University at the application stage. Where possible the study programme will be arranged prior to arrival at Bangor University and in conjunction with the academic tutor according to the students’ academic background and requirements, otherwise the study programme will be finalised on arrival.
  4. Students are guaranteed a room in university accommodation and should complete and return the accommodation application form by the 29th November 2019 - Semester 2 only. Students wishing to live in the private sector should contact the Student Housing Office for assistance with this process.
  5. During the 1–2 months prior to the start of your placement, you will receive an information pack and correspondence regarding registration and orientation activities, and accommodation arrangements.

On arrival:

  1. All study abroad students are required to attend the welcome / registration meeting, and school meetings to finalise the study details and choice of modules.
  2. Register as Bangor University students.
  3. Take part in an Orientation Day for International Students.
  4. Practical arrangements eg Register with the police (depending on nationality), open a bank account, register with a doctor / medical practitioner, arrange membership of the Students’ Union.

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