About IT Services

IT Services' Support Teams

IT Services is comprised of 12 teams responsible for various parts of the services provision and facilities which IT Services supports for the benefit of all University staff and students.

These teams and their areas of responsibility are:

Director's Office

Departmental Administration

Staff provide a departmental administration function, departmental health and safety policy oversight, budget monitoring and control, ITS input to University publications, ITS publications, the ITS Newsletter etc.

Research Support

The Research Support Service assists academic departments with IT interventions to assist in all areas of research. Assistance, advice and guidance can be given to academics who are submitting research grant bids and need to develop an IT plan for a project, and increasingly also need to complete the technical appendices of application forms. In addition to ensuring that the fine print is complied with we can ensure the best use of IT systems is considered before the project starts. Once a research project is given the green light we can co-ordinate any major infrastructure and system developments that may need to be made in the University to accommodate the needs of the project. We can also assist in scoping and managing any software development that may be necessary thus ensuring good development practice and ensuring compliance with funder requirements.  Once the project is under way support can be offered on some of the more specialist systems that researchers need. The ITS Research Support Service builds on the helpdesk service we offer for all routine queries to handle the more bespoke requirements of research. We work closely with our colleagues in HPC Wales to deliver access to high performance computing systems as well as maintain some smaller systems within BANGOR for ad-hoc experimentation. Open Access Data and Open Access Publishing initiatives are currently causing much activity across the HE sector. The ITS Research Support Service works closely with other departments to ensure the University will be able to meet open access requirements and hence continue to successfully win research grant awards.

HPC Wales, Bangor

Maintains the Bangor HPC Wales High Performance Computing cluster and provides support to researchers in utilising the HPC resources available in Bangor and across Wales. The project is externally funded, and supported projects must have a local business partner.

Design and Print Team (including Bindery)

The Printing and Binding Services team can help you to get your printing, copying, binding and publication projects done quickly, conveniently and to high standards. All enquiries receive individual attention from start to finish and will be done to suit your budget and your needs.
The staff are well qualified and experienced in handling artwork and printing and you will receive a cheerful personal service. You can get advice on quantities, paper type and the most cost effective method of production. The Bindery is staffed by highly skilled book binders and can offer a range of services from comb binding to fine leather work and conservation.


Infrastructure Services are responsible for the design, development and day to day operation of the University network, central data storage and related services, the design and deployment of staff and student workstations and the provision of external network connectivity.

Client Services

IT Support

IT Support is the first point of contact for both staff and students, allowing people to contact IT Services either by phone, email or in person.  IT Support provides advice and training, as well as resolving problems with the University systems and software, including the halls Residential Network.  The diversity of this team allows over 50% of calls to be resolved at the first contact.  This team is actively involved with all projects running across IT Services to ensure that the end users perspective is always considered.  The team are also responsible for maintaining and updating all student facing computing spaces to ensure that no shared computer is in excess of five years old.

Audio Visual

The team manages AV & IT equipment in central teaching spaces and video conferencing suites. They are directly controllable via phone from the teaching room and will provide direct urgent assistance to teaching staff. The team perform regular checks on rooms, prepare help guides and manage a programme of preventative maintenance. They also welcome the opportunity to provide training to teaching staff on the use of AV/IT equipment. The team also provides support to key live events at the University eg, Open days and Graduation ceremonies.

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology team support staff wishing to use technology in their teaching and learning.  This includes guidance and help in producing resources in a variety of formats, some for face to face use, others for on-line or remote use. The team recognise the student population has diverse study needs, with some meeting barriers to learning, and they try to promote good practice so as many students benefit as possible.  The team hold workshops for staff to see how various tools and concepts work and will work with individuals or schools to enable staff to become confident in using the technology. Much of their work involves supporting Blackboard, the online learning system, integrating different resources eg Panopto, Turnitin and troubleshooting problems.


Database Administration

The DBA (Database Administration) team manages the Oracle databases that underpin the University's critical administrative systems such as Banner, Agresso, Blackboard and Planon.  Our job is to ensure that they are run efficiently and effectively to provide system availability, good performance, security, business continuity and disaster recovery, swift restoration of service, and well planned and managed upgrades. 

Regular upgrades are required to ensure that our systems remain supported by the software vendors and keep up with changes to procedures made by UCAS and HESA and to comply with legislation. We are also custodians of the legacy Ingres data from Prophecy which is still required by the Finance Office.

Web Team

The IT Services Web Team provides University staff, organisations, research and Third Mission activities with a complete web consultancy, 'design and publish' service. Through collaboration with other IT Services colleagues, we can also offer you a combined service concerned with the promotion and dissemination of your activities both online and in print.
To find out how we can help you enhance and promote your research or third mission activities please contact us.

Student and Learning Applications

The team develops and supports applications that have a focus on students, learning and student administration (e.g. Banner student administration system, 'Bangor 360' providing on-line services  for staff and students, and an academic portal for students and academic staff), underpinning the operational services provided by College/School student administrators, the Academic Registry, Student Services, the Library etc. The team have in depth experience business analysis, programming in various languages (e.g. SQL, Python/Django, Oracle products etc) and data structures that underpin our student related systems.

Business Applications

The team supports, maintains and develops the University's core business systems (Agresso Finance, Agresso HR/Payroll, the facilities management system Planon, Business Intelligence, e-Work and e-Recruitment) underpinning the operational services provided by Finance, Human Resources, Estates and Facilities, Planning and Resources and Health and Safety Services to the whole organisation.  The team have a broad range of business and technical expertise and contribute to both strategic and operational initiatives.