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For general IT support

If you need help from IT Services then please contact the IT HelpDesk on 8111.

Agresso Support Only

If you need Agresso support then please contact the Agresso Helpdesk on 2636 or e-mail

Other enquiries

IT Services main contact address is:

IT Services
Adeiliad Deiniol
Deiniol Road
LL57 2UX

IT Services Contacts – by team


Name Phone Email
Simone Barbaresi (Director) 2403 s.barbaresi

PA and Administration

Name Phone Email
Maggie Williams (part-time role 50%) 2425
Alison Heywood (part-time role 40%) 2827
Bethan Roberts 2974
Christina Wood (part-time role 50%) 2963

Research and Development Co-ordination

Name Phone Email
Vacant post    
Adrian Fewings 2947

Printing and Binding Unit

Name Phone Email
Heledd Owen 8113
Kevin Banholzer 3996
Lee Evans 2969
Martin Hughes 2063
Iwan Williams 2063


Name Phone Email
Graham Worley (Head of Applications)

Student and Learning Applications

Sion Morris 2469
Paul Hughes 3894
Sion Wyn Morris 8374
Richard Phelan 8333
Charlotte Pollock 3771
Christopher Simon 2417
Simeon Walker 3702
Matthew Owen 3776

Business Applications

Darren Sidell (Team Leader) 8136
Kevin Hughes 2373
Warner Lloyd 3946
Mandy Bristol 8389
Alison Heywood (part-time role 40%) 2827
Christina Wood (part-time role 50%) 2963

Corporate Web

Sam Foster (Team Leader) 3538
Aled Jones 8007
Susannah Neill 2492
Maggie Williams (part-time role 50%) 2425

DBA/ Applications Services

Simon Quinn 2411
Jake Morgan 3248


Name Phone Email
Simone Barbaresi (Deputy Director – Infrastructure) 2403

Desk Top Service

David Robinson (Team Leader) 2206
Llewelyn Morris 8208
Emyr Thomas 2418
Daniel Turner 3714
Jason Williams 2178
Deiniol Jones 3713

Servers, Storage and Networking

Ian Brown 2455
Carwyn Edwards 2407
Matthew Edwardson-Williams 2414
James Gibney 8186
Jonathan Gould 2405
Diane Moreland 2424
Mike Roe 2426
David Round 2416
Martin Sapsed 2409

Client Services

Name Phone Email
Paul Wood (Deputy Director – Client Services) 2412

IT Support

Samantha Butler (Team Leader) 8192
Rhian Gardiner 8111
Gaynor Kennedy 2419
Ian Price 8111
Rob Lewis 8111

Audio Visual Support

Eifion Owen 3049
Emlyn Parry 8158
Iolo Price
David Wager

Learning Technology

Sian Edwardson 2774
Bethan Jones 2785
Michael West 2801